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My wife Linda and I were visitors to the Maynooth area since 1973, some 25 years prior to 1998 when we purchased our property which the family has named “Walders’ Woods”. Since then and over the subsequent 8 years, we designed and built our dream house with the help of local trades people and suppliers. In the spring of 2006, two weeks after my last day as Principal in a Scarborough High School, we moved to our new home in the beautiful hills of Hastings Highlands.
Linda and I have been married for over 50 years. We have 2 children and five grandchildren. Our son has made a wonderful life for himself, his wife and 3 children on their own land near us.  Our daughter, a successful small business owner, lives in the GTA with our two other grandchildren.
I was born in Hungary, arrived in Canada at the age of 11, unable to speak a word of English. But I learned quickly. The most important thing I learned was “how to learn”. Learning is an activity that I have done all my life and God willing, will continue to do. I have not abandoned my roots, I am fully bilingual (English and Hungarian). I read, write in both and translate from one to the other mainly so that my children and grandchildren will know and appreciate my side of their heritage.
My professional career as Teacher, Math & Sci. Dept. Head, York University Adjunct Professor and Principal spanned more than 40 years. In addition to that “day job”, for more than 20 years, I was the Chairman, Treasurer and a Director of corporations with budgets, balance sheets and total worth into seven figures. I quickly learned and became and very good at working with staff and at understanding corporate budgeting, financial reports and documents.
I am a team player, a team builder and one who on occasions has had opportunities to be a team leader. My academic qualifications, my wide ranging professional career, my varied personal interests and my continued desire to listen and learn are the pillars of my information based decision making style. I have been a truck driver, an educator, a corporate director, president and treasurer. I have pursued interests in mechanics, building, cooking/baking, history, writing/translating, community activism. I am a loyal and trusted friend and colleague and when occasion calls, a passionate formidable adversary. But I am most happy being a husband, father and grandfather.  
I enjoy face-to-face contact and maintain accessibility by phone and on line.
Call me at home: 613 338 0028 or at the office: 613 338 2811
Send me an e-mail message to:  awalder@hastingshighlands.ca