Jan. 31, 2018
                            Around the Council Table
The following comments are highlights; full minutes of Jan. 17/2018 Council Meetings is available on-line at: https://hastingshighlands.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/59050?preview=59053

Library: Council, by a 4:3 recorded vote, decided to reinstate the number of appointees to the Library Board to its original 7. Applications are invited. Notices to that effect have been placed in the local papers and on the HH & HHLB websites. Just so that there will be no doubt as to where I stand, mine was one of the 4 for 7.  
Motion of CONFIDENCE: I am eager to do all that I can to support our Library. It is an important institution and valuable service to the population and visitors of Hastings Highlands. To that effect, at the next Council meeting, I will be introducing a Motion of Confidence in the HH Library Board.  
Capital Purchases: 1) A shiny new fire truck has arrived to be assigned to Lake St. Peter Fire Hall. 2) Council authorized the purchase of a new plough & sand truck, for a cost of over $240K, to be rotated into our fleet. Good Financial and Operational planning!

Welcome to New Building Inspector Martin Cox: A hearty welcome to our new Chief Building Officer (aka Building Inspector but much, much more). And sincere good wishes the retiring Frank Mills. 

Direction to Auditors for 2017 Audit Report: “Show me the money!” Together, CAO Pat Pilgrim, Treasurer/Deputy CAO David Stewart and I worked out the wording to instruct our auditors to provide a clear statement regarding the HH reserves (currently approaching $5M). Anyone will be able to read the details of the reserves including: How much is in cash, how much is in “yet to be converted to cash” and where the money is held.
HH User Fees Council approved fees for "user pay, non-tax revenues" for services in 2018. These fees apply to the building dep’t  (permits, etc), facilities rentals, waste site tipping, ancillary individual administrative and financial services and to the fees related to the 2018 municipal election that will be charged to all candidates.
HH Official Plan: A communication item from Hastings County announced that the long in-process County Official Plan has been submitted to the Province for approval. Following up on that communiqué, I asked the Mayor (our representative at County Council) if the HH Official Plan including our Birds Creek Official Plan was part of what County sent to the Province. I was very happy to hear her reply that the 3 last minute objections to our OP by Bancroft was rejected by County Council and HH’s OP as approved by HH Council, went to the Province.   

On Sat. 20/18, I attended a very informative seminar about new Provincial legislation that impacts and mandates the way Municipalities and Councils will conduct themselves. Codes of Conduct, Integrity Commissioners, Conflict of Interests are but a few musts that Municipal Councils will have to address. I encourage everyone to become familiar with these important changes in how local Municipalities will be run. A detailed summary of this legislation, much of which is already enacted, can be found at:  https://www.amo.on.ca/AMO-Content/Policy-Updates/2017/Bill68ModernizingOntariosMunicipalLegislationAct20  

                                  In The Community
Skate Maynooth is a long time (in its 10th year) very popular event. The fun continues! This years participation has increased week by week. It is my pleasure to work with a group of volunteers, including Councillors Matheson & Hagar, to serve refreshments to skaters at the Maynooth Rink each Friday Evening 6:00-8:00 PM (weather and ice conditions permitting). Special themes and ice conditions updates are regularly announced on Skate Maynooth facebook page.
Constituency Work: I had the opportunity to respond to a number of requests for information from friends and constituents. I’m happy to assist. I can be reached at 613 338 0028, Tab to “Write Your Comment or Message” above here on www.alexwalder.com (privacy protected), send me an e-mail to awalder@hastingshighlands.ca or by a pm on face book Alex Walder.